path: root/drivers/dma/ste_dma40_ll.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ste_dma40: remove enum for endianessRabin Vincent2010-10-191-2/+4
* ste_dma40: move priority to separate fieldRabin Vincent2010-10-191-1/+1
* DMAENGINE: ste_dma40: rewrote LCLA entries allocation codeJonas Aaberg2010-09-221-106/+55
* DMAENGINE: ste_dma40: code clean-upJonas Aaberg2010-09-221-5/+3
* DMAENGINE: ste_dma40: fix bug related to callback handlingJonas Aaberg2010-09-221-7/+6
* DMAENGINE: ste_dma40: allocate LCLA dynamicallyLinus Walleij2010-06-221-1/+4
* DMAENGINE: ste_dma40: interrupts only on dstJonas Aaberg2010-06-221-7/+4
* DMAENGINE: ste_dma40: various cosmetic clean-upsJonas Aaberg2010-06-221-12/+12
* DMAENGINE: Support for ST-Ericssons DMA40 block v3Linus Walleij2010-04-141-0/+454