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* block: fix amiga and atari floppy driver compile warningVivek Goyal2010-11-151-1/+1
* Merge branch 'for-2.6.37/drivers' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-2.6-blockLinus Torvalds2010-10-221-12/+48
| * amiga floppy: Compile failure fixesVivek Goyal2010-09-261-3/+2
| * amiga floppy: Stop sharing request queue across multiple gendisksVivek Goyal2010-09-241-11/+48
* | block: autoconvert trivial BKL users to private mutexArnd Bergmann2010-10-051-9/+10
* block: push down BKL into .open and .releaseArnd Bergmann2010-08-071-2/+10
* block: push down BKL into .locked_ioctlArnd Bergmann2010-08-071-2/+15
* m68k: amiga - Floppy platform device conversionGeert Uytterhoeven2010-05-171-26/+21
* include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo2010-03-301-0/+1
* const: make block_device_operations constAlexey Dobriyan2009-09-221-1/+1
* Remove multiple KERN_ prefixes from printk formatsJoe Perches2009-07-081-1/+1
* block: implement and enforce request peek/start/fetchTejun Heo2009-05-111-2/+1
* amiflop: dequeue in-flight requestTejun Heo2009-05-111-24/+24
* block: convert to pos and nr_sectors accessorsTejun Heo2009-05-111-3/+3
* amiflop,ataflop,xd,mg_disk: clean up unnecessary stuff from block driversTejun Heo2009-04-281-7/+0
* block: replace end_request() with [__]blk_end_request_cur()Tejun Heo2009-04-281-5/+5
* m68k: amiflop - Get rid of sleep_on callsAndreas Bombe2009-01-121-24/+16
* [PATCH] switch amiflopAl Viro2008-10-211-24/+26
* [PATCH] beginning of methods conversionAl Viro2008-10-211-3/+3
* [PATCH] introduce fmode_t, do annotationsAl Viro2008-10-211-2/+2
* m68k: Return -ENODEV if no device is foundGeert Uytterhoeven2008-05-181-3/+3
* [BLOCK] Get rid of request_queue_t typedefJens Axboe2007-07-241-1/+1
* [PATCH] fix request->cmd == INT casesBoaz Harrosh2007-07-101-1/+1
* mm: remove destroy_dirty_buffers from invalidate_bdev()Peter Zijlstra2007-05-071-1/+1
* [PATCH] amiga_floppy_init() in non-modular caseAl Viro2006-10-111-8/+5
* IRQ: Maintain regs pointer globally rather than passing to IRQ handlersDavid Howells2006-10-051-2/+2
* [PATCH] m68k: introduce irq controllerRoman Zippel2006-06-251-0/+1
* [PATCH] Don't pass boot parameters to argv_init[]OGAWA Hirofumi2006-03-311-0/+1
* [PATCH] m68k: kill mach_floppy_setup, convert to proper __setup() in driversAl Viro2006-01-121-6/+14
* [PATCH] m68k: amiflop __user annotationsAl Viro2006-01-121-5/+3
* [PATCH] m68k: namespace pollution fix (custom->amiga_custom)Al Viro2006-01-121-0/+2
* [PATCH] drivers/block: Use ARRAY_SIZE macroTobias Klauser2006-01-081-1/+1
* [PATCH] Add block_device_operations.getgeo block device methodChristoph Hellwig2006-01-081-12/+11
* [PATCH] changing CONFIG_LOCALVERSION rebuilds too much, for no good reasonOlaf Hering2005-11-091-1/+0
* Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds2005-04-161-0/+1850