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* Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/dhowells/linux-2.6-irqflagsLinus Torvalds2010-10-211-0/+1
| * MIPS: Add missing #inclusions of <linux/irq.h>David Howells2010-10-071-0/+1
* | MIPS: Repair Kbuild make clean breakage.David Daney2010-10-191-1/+1
* MIPS: DECstation: Migrate to new platform makefile style.Ralf Baechle2010-08-052-2/+8
* MIPS: DECstation: Checkpatch cleanupAndrea Gelmini2010-08-051-2/+1
* MIPS: DEC: Convert KN01 lock to raw spinlock.Ralf Baechle2010-02-271-5/+5
* MIPS: Make various locks static.Ralf Baechle2010-02-271-1/+1
* MIPS: Nuke trailing blank linesRalf Baechle2010-02-271-1/+0
* Merge branch 'timers-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Linus Torvalds2009-09-181-2/+3
| * timekeeping: Increase granularity of read_persistent_clock()Martin Schwidefsky2009-08-151-2/+3
* | MIPS: Remove useless zero initializations.Ralf Baechle2009-09-171-1/+1
* MIPS: Eleminate filenames from commentsRalf Baechle2009-08-039-18/+0
* mips: use bcd2bin/bin2bcdAdrian Bunk2008-10-201-9/+9
* [MIPS] DS1287: Add clockevent driverYoichi Yuasa2008-04-281-47/+22
* [MIPS] add DECstation I/O ASIC clocksourceYoichi Yuasa2008-04-281-1/+1
* [MIPS] time: remove unused mips_timer_state()Yoichi Yuasa2008-01-291-1/+0
* [MIPS] Allow hardwiring of the CPU type to a single type for optimization.Ralf Baechle2007-10-113-6/+6
* [MIPS] Deforest the function pointer jungle in the time code.Ralf Baechle2007-10-112-12/+4
* [MIPS] ARC: Get rid of mips_machgroupRalf Baechle2007-10-111-3/+0
* [MIPS] dec/time.c: Remove no longer needed inclusion of <asm/div64.h>.Maciej W. Rozycki2007-10-111-1/+0
* [MIPS] DEC: Initialise ioasic_ssr_lockMaciej W. Rozycki2007-09-191-1/+1
* [MIPS] Use -Werror on subdirectories which build cleanly.Ralf Baechle2007-07-311-0/+2
* [MIPS] DECstation: Optimised early printk()Maciej W. Rozycki2007-07-102-6/+29
* [MIPS] Transform old-style macros to newer "__noreturn"Robert P. J. Day2007-07-102-6/+6
* [MIPS] DEC: Remove call to register_prom_console.Ralf Baechle2007-03-091-3/+0
* [MIPS] Fix and cleanup the mess that a dozen prom_printf variants are.Ralf Baechle2007-03-041-33/+5
* [MIPS] DEC: Remove redeclarations of mips_machgroup and mips_machtype.Ralf Baechle2007-03-041-3/+0
* [MIPS] Kill redundant EXTRA_AFLAGSAtsushi Nemoto2007-02-262-4/+0
* [MIPS] DECstation: Fix irq handlingAtsushi Nemoto2007-02-131-4/+0
* [TC] TURBOchannel support for the DECstationMaciej W. Rozycki2007-02-094-0/+101
* [MIPS] use name instead of typename for each irq_chipAtsushi Nemoto2007-02-062-3/+3
* [MIPS] prom_free_prom_memory cleanupAtsushi Nemoto2007-02-061-14/+3
* [MIPS] Define MIPS_CPU_IRQ_BASE in generic headerAtsushi Nemoto2007-02-061-6/+6
* [MIPS] Fix reported amount of freed memory - it's in kB not bytesThiemo Seufer2007-01-241-1/+1
* [MIPS] *-berr: Header inclusions for DEC bus error handlersMaciej W. Rozycki2006-12-062-0/+3
* [MIPS] Compile __do_IRQ() when really neededFranck Bui-Huu2006-12-062-8/+0
* [MIPS] Do not use handle_level_irq for ioasic_dma_irq_type.Atsushi Nemoto2006-12-061-2/+1
* [MIPS] mips HPT cleanup: make clocksource_mips publicAtsushi Nemoto2006-11-301-2/+2
* [MIPS] do_IRQ cleanupAtsushi Nemoto2006-11-302-1/+7
* [MIPS] use generic_handle_irq, handle_level_irq, handle_percpu_irqAtsushi Nemoto2006-11-302-3/+5
* [MIPS] IRQ cleanupsAtsushi Nemoto2006-11-303-111/+20
* [MIPS] Fixup migration to GENERIC_TIMEAtsushi Nemoto2006-10-311-8/+1
* [MIPS] ret_from_irq adjustmentAtsushi Nemoto2006-10-091-7/+4
* [MIPS] Cleanup unnecessary <asm/ptrace.h> inclusions.Ralf Baechle2006-10-091-1/+0
* [MIPS] DEC: pt_regs fixes for buserror handlersRalf Baechle2006-10-093-5/+10
* [MIPS] DEC: pt_regs fixes for dec_intr_halt.Ralf Baechle2006-10-092-2/+2
* [MIPS] Complete fixes after removal of pt_regs argument to int handlers.Ralf Baechle2006-10-081-1/+3
* Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bunk/trivialLinus Torvalds2006-10-031-1/+1
| * fix file specification in commentsUwe Zeisberger2006-10-032-2/+2
* | [MIPS] Fix wreckage after removal of tickadj; convert to GENERIC_TIME.Ralf Baechle2006-10-031-2/+0