path: root/arch/mips/ar7/platform.c
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* MIPS: AR7: Add support for Titan (TNETV10xx) SoC variantFlorian Fainelli2010-10-291-0/+56
* MIPS: AR7: rewrite of cpmac_get_mac()Alexander Clouter2010-08-051-27/+15
* MIPS: AR7: Use correct UART port typeFlorian Fainelli2010-07-051-1/+1
* MIPS: AR7: prevent race between clock initialization and devices registrationFlorian Fainelli2010-05-211-1/+1
* MIPS: AR7: use ar7_has_high_vlynq() to determine watchdog base addressFlorian Fainelli2010-05-211-12/+3
* MIPS: AR7: Fix phat finger of cpmac fixed_phy_addAlexander Clouter2010-04-121-0/+1
* MIPS: AR7: Fix phat finger of reset bit in vlynq_high_dataAlexander Clouter2010-04-121-1/+1
* MIPS: AR7: Make ar7_register_devices much more durableAlexander Clouter2010-02-271-66/+81
* MIPS: AR7: Fix USB slave mem range typoAlexander Clouter2010-02-271-1/+1
* MIPS: AR7: Whitespace hackingAlexander Clouter2010-02-271-280/+307
* MIPS: AR7: Implement clock APIFlorian Fainelli2010-02-271-2/+8
* MIPS: AR7: Implement gpiolibFlorian Fainelli2010-02-271-0/+1
* MIPS: AR7: Fix USB slave mem range typoAlexander Clouter2010-02-011-1/+1
* MIPS: Move several variables from .bss to .init.dataDmitri Vorobiev2009-12-171-1/+1
* MIPS: AR7: register watchdog device only if enabled in hw configurationFlorian Fainelli2009-11-021-1/+8
* MIPS: AR7: Make board code register ar7_wdt as a platform deviceFlorian Fainelli2009-09-171-0/+32
* Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller2009-08-121-5/+5
| * MIPS: AR7: Use DMA_BIT_MASK(nn) instead of deprecated DMA_nnBIT_MASKFlorian Fainelli2009-08-031-3/+3
| * MIPS: AR7: Fix build failures when CONFIG_SERIAL_8250 is not enabledFlorian Fainelli2009-08-031-1/+2
| * MIPS: AR7: Remove unused inclusions of <linux/version.h>.Huang Weiyi2009-08-031-1/+0
* | ar7: add fixed PHY support for the two on-board cpmacFlorian Fainelli2009-08-051-0/+15
* MIPS: Add support for Texas Instruments AR7 System-on-a-ChipFlorian Fainelli2009-07-031-0/+555