Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ceph: make page alignment explicit in osd interfaceSage Weil2010-11-095-19/+44
* ceph: fix comment, remove extraneous argsSage Weil2010-11-093-15/+11
* ceph: fix update of ctime from MDSSage Weil2010-11-081-2/+4
* ceph: fix version check on racing inode updatesSage Weil2010-11-081-4/+9
* ceph: fix uid/gid on resent mds requestsSage Weil2010-11-082-2/+7
* ceph: fix rdcache_gen usage and invalidateSage Weil2010-11-083-14/+10
* ceph: re-request max_size if cap auth changesSage Weil2010-11-071-0/+5
* ceph: only let auth caps update max_sizeSage Weil2010-11-071-1/+8
* ceph: fix open for write on clustered mdsSage Weil2010-11-071-2/+4
* ceph: fix bad pointer dereference in ceph_fill_traceSage Weil2010-11-071-1/+2
* ceph: fix small seq message skippingSage Weil2010-11-011-2/+1
* Revert "ceph: update issue_seq on cap grant"Sage Weil2010-10-271-5/+3
* ceph: do not carry i_lock for readdir from dcacheSage Weil2010-10-202-26/+18
* fs/ceph/xattr.c: Use kmemdupJulia Lawall2010-10-201-2/+1
* rbd: passing wrong variable to bvec_kunmap_irq()Dan Carpenter2010-10-201-1/+1
* rbd: null vs ERR_PTRDan Carpenter2010-10-201-2/+2
* ceph: fix num_pages_free accounting in pagelistSage Weil2010-10-201-0/+1
* ceph: add CEPH_MDS_OP_SETDIRLAYOUT and associated ioctl.Greg Farnum2010-10-203-1/+70
* ceph: don't crash when passed bad mount optionsYehuda Sadeh2010-10-201-1/+1
* ceph: fix debugfs warningsRandy Dunlap2010-10-201-1/+2
* block: rbd: removing unnecessary testYehuda Sadeh2010-10-201-4/+0
* block: rbd: fixed may leaksVasiliy Kulikov2010-10-201-6/+8
* ceph: switch from BKL to lock_flocks()Sage Weil2010-10-201-5/+6
* ceph: preallocate flock state without locks heldGreg Farnum2010-10-202-15/+44
* ceph: add pagelist_reserve, pagelist_truncate, pagelist_set_cursorGreg Farnum2010-10-202-9/+118
* ceph: use mapping->nrpages to determine if mapping is emptySage Weil2010-10-201-12/+1
* ceph: only invalidate on check_caps if we actually have pagesSage Weil2010-10-201-1/+1
* ceph: do not hide .snap in root directorySage Weil2010-10-201-1/+0
* rbd: introduce rados block device (rbd), based on libcephYehuda Sadeh2010-10-206-2/+1944
* ceph: factor out libceph from Ceph file systemYehuda Sadeh2010-10-2073-1838/+2566
* ceph-rbd: osdc support for osd call and rollback operationsYehuda Sadeh2010-10-203-0/+29
* ceph: messenger and osdc changes for rbdYehuda Sadeh2010-10-206-101/+436
* ceph: refactor osdc requests creation functionsYehuda Sadeh2010-10-202-57/+155
* ceph: lookup pool in osdmap by nameYehuda Sadeh2010-10-202-0/+15
* Linux 2.6.36-rc8v2.6.36-rc8Linus Torvalds2010-10-141-2/+2
* Un-inline the core-dump helper functionsLinus Torvalds2010-10-142-32/+40
* Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6Linus Torvalds2010-10-1413-77/+104
| * ehea: Fix a checksum issue on the receive pathBreno Leitao2010-10-132-1/+9
| * net: allow FEC driver to use fixed PHY supportGreg Ungerer2010-10-131-14/+27
| * tg3: restore rx_dropped accountingEric Dumazet2010-10-112-3/+5
| * b44: fix carrier detection on bindPaul Fertser2010-10-111-2/+2
| * net: clear heap allocations for privileged ethtool actionsKees Cook2010-10-111-3/+3
| * NET: wimax, fix use after freeJiri Slaby2010-10-111-13/+13
| * ATM: iphase, remove sleep-inside-atomicJiri Slaby2010-10-112-7/+1
| * ATM: mpc, fix use after freeJiri Slaby2010-10-111-1/+1
| * ATM: solos-pci, remove use after freeJiri Slaby2010-10-111-3/+5
| * net/fec: carrier off initially to avoid root mount failureOskar Schirmer2010-10-101-0/+3
| * r8169: use device model DMA APIStanislaw Gruszka2010-10-091-24/+29
| * r8169: allocate with GFP_KERNEL flag when able to sleepStanislaw Gruszka2010-10-091-6/+6
* | Don't dump task struct in a.out core-dumpsLinus Torvalds2010-10-143-22/+6