Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* gitignore usr/initramfs_data.cpio.bz2 and usr/initramfs_data.cpio.lzmaJaswinder Singh Rajput2009-09-201-0/+2
* kbuild: Check if linker supports the -X optionAndi Kleen2009-09-201-1/+1
* kbuild: introduce ld-optionSam Ravnborg2009-09-202-1/+21
* kbuild: rename ld-option to cc-ldoptionSam Ravnborg2009-09-2010-14/+14
* kconfig: make use of menu_get_ext_help in gconfigCheng Renquan2009-09-202-18/+6
* kconfig: make use of menu_get_ext_help in "make config"Cheng Renquan2009-09-201-11/+11
* kconfig: make use of menu_get_ext_help in qconfigCheng Renquan2009-09-201-6/+4
* kconfig: make use of menu_get_ext_help in menuconfigCheng Renquan2009-09-201-75/+3
* kconfig: add menu_get_ext_help function to display more informationCheng Renquan2009-09-202-0/+81
* kconfig: add symbol value to help find the real dependCheng Renquan2009-09-201-0/+2
* kbuild: correct initramfs compression commentRobert P. J. Day2009-09-201-1/+1
* kbuild: save ARCH & CROSS_COMPILE when building a kernelSam Ravnborg2009-09-201-2/+44
* kbuild: use INSTALLKERNEL to select customized installkernel scriptSam Ravnborg2009-09-2017-32/+50
* Merge branch 'x86-platform-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/k...Linus Torvalds2009-09-1856-907/+756
| * x86: Move get/set_wallclock to x86_platform_opsFeng Tang2009-09-1612-83/+21
| * x86: platform: Fix section annotationsThomas Gleixner2009-09-163-4/+4
| * x86: apic namespace cleanupThomas Gleixner2009-08-315-12/+12
| * x86: Distangle ioapic and i8259Thomas Gleixner2009-08-312-12/+31
| * x86: Add Moorestown early detectionThomas Gleixner2009-08-315-0/+47
| * x86: Add hardware_subarch ID for MoorestownPan, Jacob jun2009-08-313-0/+12
| * x86: Add early platform detectionThomas Gleixner2009-08-314-9/+20
| * x86: Move tsc_init to late_time_initThomas Gleixner2009-08-311-1/+1
| * x86: Move tsc_calibration to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-3117-41/+48
| * x86: Replace the now identical time_32/64.c by time.cThomas Gleixner2009-08-313-122/+1
| * x86: time_32/64.c unify profile_pcThomas Gleixner2009-08-312-10/+11
| * x86: Move calibrate_cpu to tsc.cThomas Gleixner2009-08-314-56/+55
| * x86: Make timer setup and global variables the same in time_32/64.cThomas Gleixner2009-08-312-11/+35
| * x86: Remove mca bus ifdef from timer interruptThomas Gleixner2009-08-312-21/+6
| * x86: Simplify timer_ack magic in time_32.cThomas Gleixner2009-08-313-4/+21
| * x86: Prepare unification of time_32/64.cThomas Gleixner2009-08-312-39/+18
| * x86: Remove do_timer hookThomas Gleixner2009-08-312-19/+4
| * x86: Add timer_init to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-3117-113/+53
| * x86: Move percpu clockevents setup to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-3111-28/+42
| * x86: Move xen_post_allocator_init into xen_pagetable_setup_doneThomas Gleixner2009-08-317-19/+4
| * x86: Move paravirt pagetable_setup to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-3111-46/+32
| * x86: Move paravirt banner printout to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-317-14/+12
| * x86: Replace ARCH_SETUP by a proper x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-317-9/+15
| * x86: Move traps_init to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-317-27/+8
| * x86: Move irq_init to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-3112-42/+11
| * x86: Move pre_intr_init to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-317-31/+22
| * x86: Move get/find_smp_config to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-318-54/+42
| * x86: Move oem_bus_info to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-276-10/+18
| * x86: Move mpc_oem_pci_bus to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-274-4/+6
| * x86: Move smp_read_mpc_oem to x86_init_ops.Thomas Gleixner2009-08-276-10/+13
| * x86: Move mpc_apic_id to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-276-7/+15
| * x86: Move ioapic_ids_setup to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-277-16/+13
| * x86: Sanitize smp_record and move it to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-275-9/+34
| * x86: Move memory_setup to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-2711-32/+11
| * x86: Add reserve_ebda_region to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner2009-08-274-4/+7
| * x86: Add request_standard_resources to x86_initThomas Gleixner2009-08-275-13/+25