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diff --git a/security/tomoyo/common.h b/security/tomoyo/common.h
index 17ed365521b..67bd22dd3e6 100644
--- a/security/tomoyo/common.h
+++ b/security/tomoyo/common.h
@@ -520,12 +520,10 @@ bool tomoyo_domain_quota_is_ok(struct tomoyo_domain_info * const domain);
bool tomoyo_io_printf(struct tomoyo_io_buffer *head, const char *fmt, ...)
__attribute__ ((format(printf, 2, 3)));
/* Check whether the domainname is correct. */
-bool tomoyo_is_correct_domain(const unsigned char *domainname,
- const char *function);
+bool tomoyo_is_correct_domain(const unsigned char *domainname);
/* Check whether the token is correct. */
bool tomoyo_is_correct_path(const char *filename, const s8 start_type,
- const s8 pattern_type, const s8 end_type,
- const char *function);
+ const s8 pattern_type, const s8 end_type);
/* Check whether the token can be a domainname. */
bool tomoyo_is_domain_def(const unsigned char *buffer);
/* Check whether the given filename matches the given pattern. */