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+# Configuration for DNS Resolver
+ tristate "DNS Resolver support"
+ depends on NET && KEYS
+ help
+ Saying Y here will include support for the DNS Resolver key type
+ which can be used to make upcalls to perform DNS lookups in
+ userspace.
+ DNS Resolver is used to query DNS server for information. Examples
+ being resolving a UNC hostname element to an IP address for CIFS or
+ performing a DNS query for AFSDB records so that AFS can locate a
+ cell's volume location database servers.
+ DNS Resolver is used by the CIFS and AFS modules, and would support
+ samba4 later. DNS Resolver is supported by the userspace upcall
+ helper "/sbin/dns.resolver" via /etc/request-key.conf.
+ See <file:Documentation/networking/dns_resolver.txt> for further
+ information.
+ To compile this as a module, choose M here: the module will be called
+ dnsresolver.
+ If unsure, say N.