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diff --git a/fs/ext4/extents.c b/fs/ext4/extents.c
index 2c01d7391f1..06328d3e571 100644
--- a/fs/ext4/extents.c
+++ b/fs/ext4/extents.c
@@ -2936,7 +2936,7 @@ fix_extent_len:
* One of more index blocks maybe needed if the extent tree grow after
* the unintialized extent split. To prevent ENOSPC occur at the IO
* complete, we need to split the uninitialized extent before DIO submit
- * the IO. The uninitilized extent called at this time will be split
+ * the IO. The uninitialized extent called at this time will be split
* into three uninitialized extent(at most). After IO complete, the part
* being filled will be convert to initialized by the end_io callback function
* via ext4_convert_unwritten_extents().