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@@ -651,7 +651,15 @@ Experimental When set to 1 used to enable certain experimental
signing turned on in case buffer was modified
just before it was sent, also this flag will
be used to use the new experimental directory change
- notification code).
+ notification code). When set to 2 enables
+ an additional experimental feature, "raw ntlmssp"
+ session establishment support (which allows
+ specifying "sec=ntlmssp" on mount). The Linux cifs
+ module will use ntlmv2 authentication encapsulated
+ in "raw ntlmssp" (not using SPNEGO) when
+ "sec=ntlmssp" is specified on mount.
+ This support also requires building cifs with
+ the CONFIG_CIFS_EXPERIMENTAL configuration flag.
These experimental features and tracing can be enabled by changing flags in
/proc/fs/cifs (after the cifs module has been installed or built into the