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+# drivers/mtd/ubi/Kconfig
+menu "UBI - Unsorted block images"
+ depends on MTD
+config MTD_UBI
+ tristate "Enable UBI"
+ depends on MTD
+ select CRC32
+ help
+ UBI is a software layer above MTD layer which admits of LVM-like
+ logical volumes on top of MTD devices, hides some complexities of
+ flash chips like wear and bad blocks and provides some other useful
+ capabilities. Please, consult the MTD web site for more details
+ (www.linux-mtd.infradead.org).
+ int "UBI wear-leveling threshold"
+ default 4096
+ range 2 65536
+ depends on MTD_UBI
+ help
+ This parameter defines the maximum difference between the highest
+ erase counter value and the lowest erase counter value of eraseblocks
+ of UBI devices. When this threshold is exceeded, UBI starts performing
+ wear leveling by means of moving data from eraseblock with low erase
+ counter to eraseblocks with high erase counter. Leave the default
+ value if unsure.
+ int "Percentage of reserved eraseblocks for bad eraseblocks handling"
+ default 1
+ range 0 25
+ depends on MTD_UBI
+ help
+ If the MTD device admits of bad eraseblocks (e.g. NAND flash), UBI
+ reserves some amount of physical eraseblocks to handle new bad
+ eraseblocks. For example, if a flash physical eraseblock becomes bad,
+ UBI uses these reserved physical eraseblocks to relocate the bad one.
+ This option specifies how many physical eraseblocks will be reserved
+ for bad eraseblock handling (percents of total number of good flash
+ eraseblocks). If the underlying flash does not admit of bad
+ eraseblocks (e.g. NOR flash), this value is ignored and nothing is
+ reserved. Leave the default value if unsure.
+ bool "Emulate MTD devices"
+ default n
+ depends on MTD_UBI
+ help
+ This option enables MTD devices emulation on top of UBI volumes: for
+ each UBI volumes an MTD device is created, and all I/O to this MTD
+ device is redirected to the UBI volume. This is handy to make
+ MTD-oriented software (like JFFS2) work on top of UBI. Do not enable
+ this if no legacy software will be used.
+source "drivers/mtd/ubi/Kconfig.debug"