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wimax/i2400m: use -EL3RST to indicate device reset instead of -ERESTARTSYS
When the i2400m device resets, the driver code will force some functions to return a -ERESTARTSYS error code, which can is used by the caller to determine which recovery actions to take. However, in certain situations the only thing that can be done is to bubble up said error code to user space, for handling. However, -ERESTARSYS was a poor choice, as it is supposed to be used by the kernel only. As such, replace -ERESTARTSYS with -EL3RST; as well, in i2400m_msg_to_dev(), when the device is in boot mode (following a recent reset), return -EL3RST instead of -ENODEV (meaning the device is in bootrom mode after a reset, not that the device was disconnected, and thus, normal commands cannot be executed). Signed-off-by: Cindy H Kao <cindy.h.kao@intel.com>
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