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Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://neil.brown.name/md
* 'for-linus' of git://neil.brown.name/md: (39 commits) md/raid5: correctly update sync_completed when we reach max_resync md/raid5: add missing call to schedule() after prepare_to_wait() md/linear: use call_rcu to free obsolete 'conf' structures. md linear: Protecting mddev with rcu locks to avoid races md: Move check for bitmap presence to personality code. md: remove chunksize rounding from common code. md: raid0/linear: ensure device sizes are rounded to chunk size. md: move assignment of ->utime so that it never gets skipped. md: Push down reconstruction log message to personality code. md: merge reconfig and check_reshape methods. md: remove unnecessary arguments from ->reconfig method. md: raid5: check stripe cache is large enough in start_reshape md: raid0: chunk_sectors cleanups. md: fix some comments. md/raid5: Use is_power_of_2() in raid5_reconfig()/raid6_reconfig(). md: convert conf->chunk_size and conf->prev_chunk to sectors. md: Convert mddev->new_chunk to sectors. md: Make mddev->chunk_size sector-based. md: raid0 :Enables chunk size other than powers of 2. md: prepare for non-power-of-two chunk sizes ...
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