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sep: Resync trees
Further fixes from Mark Allyn generated by diff'ing the relevant trees - Fix TODO list back - Use local flags for locks - Remove unneeded use counts - First pass at sorting out structures - Kernel documentation - Move locks into device struct
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-Todo's so far
+Todo's so far (from Alan Cox)
+- Fix firmware loading - Done 09/10 M. Allyn
+- Get firmware into firmware git tree - Firmware is non open source
+- Review and tidy each algorithm function - Done 09/10 M. Allyn
+- Check whether it can be plugged into any of the kernel crypto API
+ interfaces - Crypto API 'glue' is still not ready to submit
+- Do something about the magic shared memory interface and replace it
+ with something saner (in Linux terms) - Done 09/10 M. Allyn
+- Clean up unused ioctls - Needs vendor help
+- Clean up unused fields in ioctl structures - Needs vendor help