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[ARM] tegra: clock: Add dvfs support, bug fixes, and cleanups
- Add drivers to clock lookup table - Add new pll_m entries - Support I2C U16 divider - Fix rate reporting on 32.768kHz clock - Call propagate rate only if set_rate succeeds - Add support for audio_sync clock - Add 24MHz to PLLA frequency list - Correct i2s1/2/spdifout mux - Add suspend support - Fix enable/disable parent clocks in set_parent - Add max_rate parameter to all clocks - DVFS support - Add virtual cpu clock with dvfs - Support clk_round_rate - Fix requesting very high periph frequencies - Add quirks for PLLU: PLLU is slightly different from the rest of the PLLs. The lock enable bit is at bit 22 instead of 18 in the MISC register, and the post divider field is a single bit with reversed values from other PLLs. - Simplify recalculating clock rates - Fix UART divider flags - Remove unused clock ops Signed-off-by: Colin Cross <ccross@android.com>
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