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f) MDIO on GPIOs
g) SPI busses
- VII - Marvell Discovery mv64[345]6x System Controller chips
- 1) The /system-controller node
- 2) Child nodes of /system-controller
- a) Marvell Discovery MDIO bus
- b) Marvell Discovery ethernet controller
- c) Marvell Discovery PHY nodes
- d) Marvell Discovery SDMA nodes
- e) Marvell Discovery BRG nodes
- f) Marvell Discovery CUNIT nodes
- g) Marvell Discovery MPSCROUTING nodes
- h) Marvell Discovery MPSCINTR nodes
- i) Marvell Discovery MPSC nodes
- j) Marvell Discovery Watch Dog Timer nodes
- k) Marvell Discovery I2C nodes
- l) Marvell Discovery PIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller) nodes
- m) Marvell Discovery MPP (Multipurpose Pins) multiplexing nodes
- n) Marvell Discovery GPP (General Purpose Pins) nodes
- o) Marvell Discovery PCI host bridge node
- p) Marvell Discovery CPU Error nodes
- q) Marvell Discovery SRAM Controller nodes
- r) Marvell Discovery PCI Error Handler nodes
- s) Marvell Discovery Memory Controller nodes
- VIII - Specifying interrupt information for devices
+ VII - Specifying interrupt information for devices
1) interrupts property
2) interrupt-parent property
3) OpenPIC Interrupt Controllers
4) ISA Interrupt Controllers
- IX - Specifying GPIO information for devices
- 1) gpios property
- 2) gpio-controller nodes
- X - Specifying device power management information (sleep property)
+ VIII - Specifying device power management information (sleep property)
Appendix A - Sample SOC node for MPC8540