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!Pinclude/net/mac80211.h Powersave support
+ <chapter id="beacon-filter">
+ <title>Beacon filter support</title>
+!Pinclude/net/mac80211.h Beacon filter support
+!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_beacon_loss
+ </chapter>
<chapter id="qos">
<title>Multiple queues and QoS support</title>
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-What: old static regulatory information and ieee80211_regdom module parameter
-When: 2.6.29
+What: The ieee80211_regdom module parameter
+When: March 2010 / desktop catchup
+Why: This was inherited by the CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY code,
+ and currently serves as an option for users to define an
+ ISO / IEC 3166 alpha2 code for the country they are currently
+ present in. Although there are userspace API replacements for this
+ through nl80211 distributions haven't yet caught up with implementing
+ decent alternatives through standard GUIs. Although available as an
+ option through iw or wpa_supplicant its just a matter of time before
+ distributions pick up good GUI options for this. The ideal solution
+ would actually consist of intelligent designs which would do this for
+ the user automatically even when travelling through different countries.
+ Until then we leave this module parameter as a compromise.
+ When userspace improves with reasonable widely-available alternatives for
+ this we will no longer need this module parameter. This entry hopes that
+ by the super-futuristically looking date of "March 2010" we will have
+ such replacements widely available.
+Who: Luis R. Rodriguez <lrodriguez@atheros.com>
+What: CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY - old static regulatory information
+When: March 2010 / desktop catchup
Why: The old regulatory infrastructure has been replaced with a new one
which does not require statically defined regulatory domains. We do
not want to keep static regulatory domains in the kernel due to the
the dynamic nature of regulatory law and localization. We kept around
the old static definitions for the regulatory domains of:
* US
* JP
* EU
and used by default the US when CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY was
- set. We also kept around the ieee80211_regdom module parameter in case
- some applications were relying on it. Changing regulatory domains
- can now be done instead by using nl80211, as is done with iw.
+ set. We will remove this option once the standard Linux desktop catches
+ up with the new userspace APIs we have implemented.
Who: Luis R. Rodriguez <lrodriguez@atheros.com>