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@@ -184,14 +184,16 @@ length. Single character labels using special characters, that being anything
other than a letter or digit, are reserved for use by the Smack development
team. Smack labels are unstructured, case sensitive, and the only operation
ever performed on them is comparison for equality. Smack labels cannot
-contain unprintable characters or the "/" (slash) character.
+contain unprintable characters or the "/" (slash) character. Smack labels
+cannot begin with a '-', which is reserved for special options.
There are some predefined labels:
- _ Pronounced "floor", a single underscore character.
- ^ Pronounced "hat", a single circumflex character.
- * Pronounced "star", a single asterisk character.
- ? Pronounced "huh", a single question mark character.
+ _ Pronounced "floor", a single underscore character.
+ ^ Pronounced "hat", a single circumflex character.
+ * Pronounced "star", a single asterisk character.
+ ? Pronounced "huh", a single question mark character.
+ @ Pronounced "Internet", a single at sign character.
Every task on a Smack system is assigned a label. System tasks, such as
init(8) and systems daemons, are run with the floor ("_") label. User tasks
@@ -412,6 +414,36 @@ sockets.
A privileged program may set this to match the label of another
task with which it hopes to communicate.
+Smack Netlabel Exceptions
+You will often find that your labeled application has to talk to the outside,
+unlabeled world. To do this there's a special file /smack/netlabel where you can
+add some exceptions in the form of :
+@IP1 LABEL1 or
+It means that your application will have unlabeled access to @IP1 if it has
+write access on LABEL1, and access to the subnet @IP2/MASK if it has write
+access on LABEL2.
+Entries in the /smack/netlabel file are matched by longest mask first, like in
+classless IPv4 routing.
+A special label '@' and an option '-CIPSO' can be used there :
+@ means Internet, any application with any label has access to it
+-CIPSO means standard CIPSO networking
+If you don't know what CIPSO is and don't plan to use it, you can just do :
+echo -CIPSO > /smack/netlabel
+echo @ > /smack/netlabel
+If you use CIPSO on your local network and need also unlabeled
+Internet access, you can have :
+echo -CIPSO > /smack/netlabel
+echo -CIPSO > /smack/netlabel
+echo @ > /smack/netlabel
Writing Applications for Smack
There are three sorts of applications that will run on a Smack system. How an
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@@ -356,17 +356,6 @@ Who: Hans de Goede <hdegoede@redhat.com>
-What: SELinux "compat_net" functionality
-When: 2.6.30 at the earliest
-Why: In 2.6.18 the Secmark concept was introduced to replace the "compat_net"
- network access control functionality of SELinux. Secmark offers both
- better performance and greater flexibility than the "compat_net"
- mechanism. Now that the major Linux distributions have moved to
- Secmark, it is time to deprecate the older mechanism and start the
- process of removing the old code.
-Who: Paul Moore <paul.moore@hp.com>
What: sysfs ui for changing p4-clockmod parameters
When: September 2009
Why: See commits 129f8ae9b1b5be94517da76009ea956e89104ce8 and
diff --git a/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt b/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
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@@ -2030,15 +2030,6 @@ and is between 256 and 4096 characters. It is defined in the file
If enabled at boot time, /selinux/disable can be used
later to disable prior to initial policy load.
- selinux_compat_net =
- [SELINUX] Set initial selinux_compat_net flag value.
- Format: { "0" | "1" }
- 0 -- use new secmark-based packet controls
- 1 -- use legacy packet controls
- Default value is 0 (preferred).
- Value can be changed at runtime via
- /selinux/compat_net.
serialnumber [BUGS=X86-32]
shapers= [NET]