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* 'next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/benh/powerpc: (92 commits) powerpc: Remove unused 'protect4gb' boot parameter powerpc: Build-in e1000e for pseries & ppc64_defconfig powerpc/pseries: Make request_ras_irqs() available to other pseries code powerpc/numa: Use ibm,architecture-vec-5 to detect form 1 affinity powerpc/numa: Set a smaller value for RECLAIM_DISTANCE to enable zone reclaim powerpc: Use smt_snooze_delay=-1 to always busy loop powerpc: Remove check of ibm,smt-snooze-delay OF property powerpc/kdump: Fix race in kdump shutdown powerpc/kexec: Fix race in kexec shutdown powerpc/kexec: Speedup kexec hash PTE tear down powerpc/pseries: Add hcall to read 4 ptes at a time in real mode powerpc: Use more accurate limit for first segment memory allocations powerpc/kdump: Use chip->shutdown to disable IRQs powerpc/kdump: CPUs assume the context of the oopsing CPU powerpc/crashdump: Do not fail on NULL pointer dereferencing powerpc/eeh: Fix oops when probing in early boot powerpc/pci: Check devices status property when scanning OF tree powerpc/vio: Switch VIO Bus PM to use generic helpers powerpc: Avoid bad relocations in iSeries code powerpc: Use common cpu_die (fixes SMP+SUSPEND build) ...
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+Reboot property to control system reboot on PPC4xx systems:
+By setting "reset_type" to one of the following values, the default
+software reset mechanism may be overidden. Here the possible values of
+ 1 - PPC4xx core reset
+ 2 - PPC4xx chip reset
+ 3 - PPC4xx system reset (default)
+ cpu@0 {
+ device_type = "cpu";
+ model = "PowerPC,440SPe";
+ ...
+ reset-type = <2>; /* Use chip-reset */
+ };
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Required properties:
83xx, "fsl,mpc8572-gpio" for 85xx and "fsl,mpc8610-gpio" for 86xx.
- #gpio-cells : Should be two. The first cell is the pin number and the
second cell is used to specify optional parameters (currently unused).
- - interrupts : Interrupt mapping for GPIO IRQ (currently unused).
+ - interrupts : Interrupt mapping for GPIO IRQ.
- interrupt-parent : Phandle for the interrupt controller that
services interrupts for this device.
- gpio-controller : Marks the port as GPIO controller.
@@ -38,3 +38,23 @@ Example of gpio-controller nodes for a MPC8347 SoC:
See booting-without-of.txt for details of how to specify GPIO
information for devices.
+To use GPIO pins as interrupt sources for peripherals, specify the
+GPIO controller as the interrupt parent and define GPIO number +
+trigger mode using the interrupts property, which is defined like
+interrupts = <number trigger>, where:
+ - number: GPIO pin (0..31)
+ - trigger: trigger mode:
+ 2 = trigger on falling edge
+ 3 = trigger on both edges
+Example of device using this is:
+ funkyfpga@0 {
+ compatible = "funky-fpga";
+ ...
+ interrupts = <4 3>;
+ interrupt-parent = <&gpio1>;
+ };