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* Type handling cleanupH. Peter Anvin2008-05-121-2/+2
* Add new MEMO_STRLEN option which uses the refcounting mechanism tobjj2006-09-071-2/+9
* added "intrinsic-commands" connection optionAUTOCONF.TWO.ROOTwrog2004-05-281-12/+141
* merging in WROGUE changes (W_SRCIP, W_STARTUP, W_OOB)wrog2004-05-221-104/+217
* Suspend input on connection until :do_login_command() can run.bjj2003-06-121-0/+14
* GNU indent normalization.INLINEPC.updater.1xplat2002-09-151-1/+4
* Fixed some bugs in the reporting of forked task sizes.bjj2001-07-311-6/+15
* Run through indent, oops.bjj2001-07-271-28/+30
* Add a 10th list element to queued_task() entries with the size in bytesbjj2001-07-271-2/+63
* Added new package type BI_KILL which kills the task calling the builtin.bjj2001-03-121-3/+11
* Merge UNSAFE_OPTS (ref fixups); fix Log tag placement to fit CVS whimsnop1998-12-141-21/+42
* Merge UNSAFE_OPTS (r5) after extensive testing.nop1997-07-071-3/+12
* 1.8.0p6 merge by hand.SAFE.OPTSnop1997-03-081-2/+9
* GNU Indent normalizationnop1997-03-031-417/+399
* Initial revisionnop1997-03-031-0/+2074