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* Type handling cleanupH. Peter Anvin2008-05-121-12/+11
* Add parser.c to clean targetwrog2006-12-061-1/+4
* merging in WROGUE changes (W_SRCIP, W_STARTUP, W_OOB)wrog2004-05-221-4/+13
* fixed bloody "suspicious line 293" emacs warning when saving Makefile.inxythian2000-05-111-2/+6
* CFLAGS line for poor users without inline keyword.nop2000-01-111-0/+8
* Long overdue make dependnop2000-01-111-42/+49
* Initial string interning during db load.ROGUE.INTERNnop1998-02-191-164/+193
* clean target doesn't force reconfiguration; distclean now does.nop1997-03-031-2/+7
* Changed to ed for make depend, since ex is a cheap plastic imitation of ednop1997-03-031-1/+8
* Avoid running autoconf automaticallynop1997-03-031-3/+8
* Initial revisionnop1997-03-031-0/+439