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1.8.0p6 merge by hand
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@@ -2295,3 +2295,20 @@ Version 1.8.0p5, 12 May 1996
(an understandable typo for #6789.foo) stopped compiling when found in a
database made by a pre-1.8.0 server.
+Version 1.8.0p6
+-- New maintainer: Erik Ostrom
+-- Fixed bug where Pattern.ptr->fastmap was allocated with mymalloc()
+ but freed with free(). (Thanks to Ben Jackson for report and fix.)
+-- Fixed bug where passing E_NONE as the second arg to resume() would
+ produce unintuitive results, including server crashes. In the
+ next version of the server, resuming with an error value may
+ make the suspended task _resume_ with it, rather than raising it.
+ A facility would be provided for raising errors in suspended tasks.
+ Thanks to Bill Carter, by way of Eric Mercer, for the report.
+-- Fixed memory leak--free_program didn't free float literals correctly.
+ (Thanks to Brian Buchanan for report and fix.)
+-- Fixed bug where force_input() didn't work on non-connected objects.
+ (Report from Joe Shaw, fix from Pavel.)
+-- Fixed bug where toint() accepted arguments that were not
+ syntactically correct (e.g., "-+5", "- 3"). Report from tijmen@dse.nl.