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* Split out call_verb and call_verb2. The latter must only be called withbjj2001-03-121-1/+5
* Added new package type BI_KILL which kills the task calling the builtin.bjj2001-03-121-0/+15
* Merge UNSAFE_OPTS (ref fixups); fix Log tag placement to fit CVS whimsnop1998-12-141-4/+8
* Merge UNSAFE_OPTS (r5) after extensive testing.nop1997-07-071-4/+15
* steak2: move protectedness into builtin struct, load_server_options()nop1997-03-031-3/+41
* GNU Indent normalizationnop1997-03-031-64/+63
* Initial revisionnop1997-03-031-0/+510