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* merging in WROGUE changes (W_SRCIP, W_STARTUP, W_OOB)wrog2004-05-221-8/+14
* GNU indent normalization.INLINEPC.updater.1xplat2002-09-151-1/+4
* Finally made free_activation() take a pointer after noticing how !$%^&FLOATSUSPEND.ROOTbjj2002-08-181-1/+5
| | | | much time it was taking in a particular profiling run.
* Split out call_verb and call_verb2. The latter must only be called withbjj2001-03-121-0/+8
| | | | strings that are already MOO strings (str_ref-able).
* Merge UNSAFE_OPTS (ref fixups); fix Log tag placement to fit CVS whimsnop1998-12-141-6/+10
* A few malloc-friendly changes: rt_stacks are now centrally allocated/freedbjj1997-03-051-4/+11
| | | | | so that we can keep a pool of them handy. rt_envs are similarly pooled. Both revert to malloc/free for large requests.
* GNU Indent normalizationnop1997-03-031-76/+81
* Initial revisionnop1997-03-031-0/+185