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* GNU indent normalization.INLINEPC.updater.1xplat2002-09-151-31/+34
* Removed a spurious EXPR_INDEX case left over from before x[$]WAIF.ROOTbjj2002-08-231-3/+3
* Code generator will no longer PUSH_CLEAR things like dobj/dobjstr/prepstrbjj1999-08-141-1/+29
* Consider OP_FORK a nonlocal goto so that no variables are undefinedbjj1999-08-121-1/+6
* Fix problem with last checkin which prevented compiling without B_R_R, duh.bjj1999-08-111-6/+17
* Bug fixes to v1.2.2.2, BYTECODE_REDUCE_REF. Code analysis now takesbjj1999-07-151-4/+45
* Merge UNSAFE_OPTS (ref fixups); fix Log tag placement to fit CVS whimsnop1998-12-141-15/+104
* Initial string interning during db load.ROGUE.INTERNnop1998-02-191-3/+16
* Merge UNSAFE_OPTS (r5) after extensive testing.nop1997-07-071-2/+14
* GNU Indent normalizationnop1997-03-031-255/+276
* Initial revisionnop1997-03-031-0/+1205