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* tools/memory-model: Fix typo in klitmus7 compatibility tableAkira Yokosawa2021-01-041-1/+1
* tools/memory-model: Remove redundant initialization in litmus testsAkira Yokosawa2021-01-0432-134/+32
* tools/memory-model: Tie acquire loads to reads-fromPaul E. McKenney2021-01-041-3/+9
* tools/memory-model: Label MP tests' producers and consumersPaul E. McKenney2020-11-068-24/+24
* tools/memory-model: Use "buf" and "flag" for message-passing testsPaul E. McKenney2020-11-066-46/+46
* tools/memory-model: Add types to litmus testsPaul E. McKenney2020-11-0632-31/+130
* tools/memory-model: Add a glossary of LKMM termsPaul E. McKenney2020-11-061-0/+172
* tools/memory-model: Document categories of ordering primitivesPaul E. McKenney2020-11-063-0/+831
* tools/memory-model: Move Documentation description to Documentation/READMEPaul E. McKenney2020-10-262-20/+61
* tools: memory-model: Document that the LKMM can easily miss control dependenciesAlan Stern2020-10-261-0/+17
* tools/memory-model: Expand the cheatsheet.txt notion of relaxedPaul E. McKenney2020-09-041-14/+19
* tools/memory-model: Add a simple entry point documentPaul E. McKenney2020-09-033-2/+282
* tools/memory-model: Improve litmus-test documentationPaul E. McKenney2020-09-032-117/+1108
* tools/memory-model: Update recipes.txt prime_numbers.c pathPaul E. McKenney2020-09-031-2/+2
* Replace HTTP links with HTTPS ones: LKMMAlexander A. Klimov2020-09-031-1/+1
* Merge tag 'locking-core-2020-08-03' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/ker...Linus Torvalds2020-08-034-46/+100
| * tools/memory-model/README: Mention herdtools7 7.56 in compatibility tableAkira Yokosawa2020-06-291-1/+1
| * tools/memory-model/README: Expand dependency of klitmus7Akira Yokosawa2020-06-291-2/+28
| * tools/memory-model: Fix reference to litmus test in recipes.txtAkira Yokosawa2020-06-291-1/+1
| * tools/memory-model: Add an exception for limitations on _unless() familyBoqun Feng2020-06-291-3/+7
| * tools/memory-model: Fix "conflict" definitionMarco Elver2020-06-291-38/+45
| * tools/memory-model: Add recent referencesPaul E. McKenney2020-06-291-2/+19
* | tools/memory-model: Remove smp_read_barrier_depends() from informal docWill Deacon2020-07-211-14/+12
* .gitignore: add SPDX License IdentifierMasahiro Yamada2020-03-252-0/+2
* tools/memory-model/Documentation: Add plain accesses and data races to explan...Alan Stern2019-10-051-5/+534
* tools/memory-model/Documentation: Put redefinition of rcu-fence into explanat...Alan Stern2019-10-051-17/+36
* tools/memory-model/Documentation: Fix typos in explanation.txtAlan Stern2019-10-051-5/+5
* tools/memory-model: Fix data race detection for unordered store and loadAlan Stern2019-10-051-1/+1
* tools/memory-model: Update the informal documentationAndrea Parri2019-08-092-35/+30
* tools/memory-model: Use cumul-fence instead of fence in ->prop exampleJoel Fernandes (Google)2019-08-091-3/+3
* tools/memory-model: Make scripts be executablePaul E. McKenney2019-08-018-0/+0
* tools/memory-model: Improve data-race detectionAlan Stern2019-06-241-3/+5
* tools/memory-model: Change definition of rcu-fenceAlan Stern2019-06-211-10/+13
* tools/memory-model: Expand definition of barrierAlan Stern2019-06-211-1/+2
* tools/memory-model: Do not use "herd" to refer to "herd7"Andrea Parri2019-06-197-8/+8
* tools/memory-model: Fix comment in MP+poonceonces.litmusAndrea Parri2019-06-191-1/+1
* tools/memory-model: Add data-race detectionAlan Stern2019-05-283-1/+51
* tools/memory-model: Add definitions of plain and marked accessesAlan Stern2019-05-282-7/+14
* tools/memory-model: Prepare for data-race detectionAlan Stern2019-05-281-7/+9
* tools/memory-model: Add support for synchronize_srcu_expedited()Paul E. McKenney2019-04-041-0/+1
* tools/memory-model: Avoid duplicating herdtools versionsAndrea Parri2019-03-183-7/+6
* tools/memory-model: Dynamically check SRCU lock-to-unlock matchingLuc Maranget2019-03-183-1/+6
* tools/memory-model: Update Documentation/explanation.txt to include SRCU supportAlan Stern2019-03-181-137/+152
* tools/memory-model: Update README for addition of SRCUPaul E. McKenney2019-03-181-2/+23
* tools/memory-model: Add SRCU supportAlan Stern2019-03-183-4/+44
* tools/memory-model: Refactor some RCU relationsAlan Stern2019-03-181-10/+15
* tools/memory-model: Rename some RCU relationsAlan Stern2019-03-182-11/+8
* tools/memory-model: Make scripts take "-j" abbreviation for "--jobs"Paul E. McKenney2019-01-211-2/+12
* tools/memory-model: Add scripts to check github litmus testsPaul E. McKenney2019-01-2113-93/+739
* tools/memory-model: Model smp_mb__after_unlock_lock()Andrea Parri2019-01-213-2/+6