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@@ -35,49 +35,4 @@ IMPORTANT: I cannot at this stage guarantee that future versions of
the LPSM will be binary compatible. These are test releases. Use at
your own risk.
-LPSM DATABASES ARE NOT PORTABLE. This is pretty much inherent in the
-fact that the LPSM library does not attach any meaning to the data it
-stores. Therefore it is imperative that your application allows a way
-to dump its database contents in a portable form.
-Currently the persistent memory database is not sharable nor
-thread-safe. I'm hoping to resolve at least the latter condition in
-due time.
-Because the persistent memory is mapped into memory at a fixed address
-(which varies with architecture) it is not possible to have more than
-one LPSM database mapped at any one time.
-** Functionality description:
-The persistent memory store can be used in two modes: managed and
-unmanaged. Unmanaged provides a flat chunk (arena) of memory without
-any further management support; managed provides management via
-All of these use a pair of files as backing store: a datafile, which
-is equivalent in size to the managed memory, and a logfile, which is
-used for the commit log.
-The LPSM library installs a signal handler for SIGSEGV.
-Please see the following man pages included with this distribution:
-Unmanaged mode:
- lpsm_arena_init(3)
- lpsm_checkpoint(3)
- lpsm_extend(3)
- lpsm_shutdown(3)
- lpsm_recover(3)
-Managed mode:
- lpsm_init(3)
- lpsm_recover(3)
- lpsm_checkpoint(3)
- lpsm_shutdown(3)
- lpsm_malloc(3)
- lpsm_arena_stats(3)
- lpsm_recover(3)
+Please see the included man page lpsm(7) for usage details.