This is a test release of the Linux Persistent Memory system by
H. Peter Anvin, <hpa@zytor.com>.

LPSM is a C library with a simple interface that manages a segment of
memory backed by a persistent file. LPSM differs from ordinary mmap()
in two ways: it can optionally offer heap management
(malloc()/free()/realloc()) within the arena; more importantly, a
transaction log is used to ensure the consistency of the persistent
representation. The application notifies LPSM whenever the arena is in
a consistent state, suitable for checkpointing. If the application or
system crashes, the arena will always be recovered to a consistent

If you are using or planning to use LPSM to develop an application, I
would really appreciate an email.  Knowing how people are using LPSM
will help me guide further development.

Unless otherwise noted, all files in this distributions are:

  Copyright 2001-2008 H. Peter Anvin - All Rights Reserved

This package is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2.1.
See the included file COPYING.LIB for licensing conditions.


There is now a mailing list if you want to follow the development of
LPSM or give feedback.  To join, please use the Mailman interface at:



THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT SNAPSHOT.  If this was a real release there
would be some documentation and a much better information in this

IMPORTANT: I cannot at this stage guarantee that future versions of
the LPSM will be binary compatible.  These are test releases.  Use at
your own risk.

Please see the included man page lpsm(7) for usage details.