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* Added lookup_userhome.H. Peter Anvin1999-03-074-8/+84
* Null pointer fix for mount_smbfs.H. Peter Anvin1998-11-031-5/+13
* Fixed embarrassing bug with SLOPPYOPT in the wrong place.H. Peter Anvin1998-04-091-2/+2
* Remove redundant debugging outputH. Peter Anvin1998-04-061-4/+0
* Update the documentation slightly. Make the locality detector not failH. Peter Anvin1998-04-061-4/+7
* Okay, I think recursive autofs mounts should work now.H. Peter Anvin1998-04-021-5/+14
* Don't release the cdchanger mount file for now. The race conditions hereH. Peter Anvin1998-04-021-3/+50
* Starting on the CD-changer moduleH. Peter Anvin1998-04-021-0/+107
* Integrated NFS patches from David Engels (multiserver mount support);H. Peter Anvin1998-04-021-37/+71
* Add "-s" (sloppy) option to mount if it is supported.H. Peter Anvin1998-04-013-8/+6
* Fixed hesiod autoconf bugs.H. Peter Anvin1998-03-301-1/+1
* Make the existence of Makefile.conf optional so "make distclean" worksH. Peter Anvin1998-03-291-1/+1
* Make autofs self-configuring (using autoconf)H. Peter Anvin1998-03-296-24/+33
* NIS+ cleanups (patch from Thorsten); changed YPLIBS to LIBNSL; someH. Peter Anvin1998-03-292-17/+16
* Hesiod fixes.H. Peter Anvin1998-03-282-12/+15
* Change submount synchronization to not detach (we'll get detached whenH. Peter Anvin1998-03-271-34/+23
* Initial integration of rth's mount_autofs.H. Peter Anvin1998-03-272-2/+151
* Added mount_ext2 module.H. Peter Anvin1998-03-272-2/+96
* A few more hacks. Prepare for 0.3.15-pre2.H. Peter Anvin1998-03-271-7/+10
* Merged in Hesiod and NIS+ support; updated NEWS, TODO and COPYRIGHT files.H. Peter Anvin1998-03-275-7/+489
* Added $Id$ tags everywhereH. Peter Anvin1997-10-068-24/+89
* Initial revisionH. Peter Anvin1997-10-068-0/+1471