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* Add LDAP support; update TODO list.H. Peter Anvin2000-06-191-1/+11
* Fix typo.H. Peter Anvin1998-04-061-1/+1
* Update the documentation slightly. Make the locality detector not failH. Peter Anvin1998-04-061-7/+7
* NIS+ cleanups (patch from Thorsten); changed YPLIBS to LIBNSL; someH. Peter Anvin1998-03-291-1/+4
* Merged in Hesiod and NIS+ support; updated NEWS, TODO and COPYRIGHT files.H. Peter Anvin1998-03-271-0/+5
* Added $Id$ tags everywhereH. Peter Anvin1997-10-061-0/+2
* Initial revisionH. Peter Anvin1997-10-061-0/+91