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.\" $Id$
-.TH AUTOMOUNT 8 "17 Sep 1997"
+.TH AUTOMOUNT 8 "19 Jun 2000"
automount \- configure mount points for autofs
@@ -63,6 +63,16 @@ The map is a NIS+ database.
The map is a hesiod database whose
.B filsys
entries are used for maps.
+.B ldap
+map names are of the form \fB[servername:]basedn\fP, where the optional
+\fBservername\fP is the name of the LDAP server to query, and \fBbasedn\fP is
+the DN to do a subtree search under. Entries are \fBautomount\fP objects in
+the specified subtree, where the \fBcn\fP attribute is the key (the wildcard
+key is "/"), and the \fBautomounterInformation\fP attribute contains the
+information used by the automounter. Documentation on the schema
+used by this module is available online at
\fBformat\fP Format of the map data; currently the only formats