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+.\" $Id$
+.TH AUTOFS 8 "9 Sep 1997"
+@@INIT.D@@/autofs \- Control Script for automounter
+.B @@INIT.D@@/autofs
+.I start|stop|reload
+.B autofs
+control the operation of the
+.BR automount (8)
+daemons running on the Linux system. Usually
+.B autofs
+is invoked at system boot time with the
+.I start
+parameter and at shutdown time with the
+.I stop
+parameter. The
+.B autofs
+script can also manually be invoked by the system administrator to shut
+down, restart or reload the automounters.
+.B autofs
+will consult a configuration file
+.I /etc/auto.master
+.BR auto.master (5))
+to find mount points on the system. For each of those mount points a
+.BR automount (8)
+process is started with the appropriate parameters. You can check the
+active mount points for the automounter with the
+.B @@INIT.D@@/autofs status
+command. After the
+.I auto.master
+configuration file is processed the
+.B autofs
+script will check for an NIS map with the same name. If such a map exists
+then that map will be processed in the same way as the auto.master map. The
+NIS map will be processed last.
+.B @@INIT.D@@/autofs reload
+will check the current auto.master map against running daemons. It will kill
+those daemons whose entries have changed and then start daemons for new or
+changed entries.
+If a map is modified then the change will become effective immediately. If
+.I auto.master
+map is modified then the
+.B autofs
+script must be rerun to activate the changes.
+.B @@INIT.D@@/autofs status
+will display the current configuration and a list of currently running
+automount daemons.
+.BR automount (8),
+.BR autofs (5),
+.BR auto.master (5).
+This manual page was written by Christoph Lameter <chris@waterf.org>,
+for the Debian GNU/Linux system. Edited by H. Peter Anvin