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* graphics.c: remove redundant definition of min/maxH. Peter Anvin2018-10-131-3/+0
* Render the screen at native resolutionH. Peter Anvin2018-09-031-32/+111
* Make the handling of the SDL headers a little sanerH. Peter Anvin2013-02-041-1/+0
* Aggregate screen updatesH. Peter Anvin2012-03-091-45/+86
* Clean up crap whitespaceH. Peter Anvin2012-02-291-6/+6
* graphics.c: ty is in characters, multiply by FONT_YSIZEH. Peter Anvin2011-01-031-1/+2
* graphics.c: handle the pitch correctly, fix signedness errorsH. Peter Anvin2011-01-031-7/+11
* Disable the mouse cursor when running fullscreenH. Peter Anvin2003-03-281-2/+5
* Fix lots of little bugsH. Peter Anvin2003-03-271-1/+2
* Add readme, add intro screen, make keyboard editing workH. Peter Anvin2003-03-261-2/+3
* Port of "gršvning" to C/SDL, started 2003-03-22H. Peter Anvin2003-03-241-0/+409