In 1984, a 12-year-old kid had a bad idea. . .
   - Make a game for CGA text mode...

In 2003, a 31-year-old man had an even worse idea. . .

			    GRÄVNING 2003

	      Yet another version of the sucky classic!

Grävning 2003 is available for Win32 and Unix/Linux, and should be
portable to the Macintosh.

To run:

   grv [-nonet] [-window]

-nonet:		Don't access the Internet high score server.
-window:	Run in a window (default is full screen.)

I have resisted "improving" the game, trying to stay as close to the
original as possible, minus *obvious* bugs.

I haven't bothered porting the completely worthless sound effects, the
few that there were... if someone wants to help me pick *real* sound
effects or music I'd consider putting them in.

To build from sources, you need the SDL library from
http://www.libsdl.org/, and the included Makefile for Win32
(Makefile.w32) requires the MinGW32 compiler and MSYS package from
http://www.mingw.org/.  No non-free software is required to build this

Copyright 2003 H. Peter Anvin; released under the terms of the GNU GPL
version 2 -- see the included file COPYING.