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* Build instructionsabc80-18originH. Peter Anvin2007-06-091-0/+4
* Document that CHANGES might be more current.H. Peter Anvin2006-03-111-1/+2
* Use LEDs to show frequencyH. Peter Anvin2005-01-311-4/+1
* Run at 3, 6, 12 or 25 MHzH. Peter Anvin2004-09-171-2/+3
* Running at 25 MHz not 12.5 MHzH. Peter Anvin2004-01-011-2/+2
* Change the MMU around to allow for "80-col patching" even whenH. Peter Anvin2003-10-261-10/+10
* Fix internal clock; add "turbo button"abc80-5H. Peter Anvin2003-10-251-2/+8
* Use 7-seg LED to simulate the sound generatorH. Peter Anvin2003-10-161-2/+3
* Add full 80-column support; remove absolute paths to MIF filesH. Peter Anvin2003-10-151-13/+13
* Update for new releaseabc80-2H. Peter Anvin2003-10-141-3/+19
* More READMEH. Peter Anvin2003-10-051-0/+7
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