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diff --git a/abc80.sdc b/abc80.sdc
index 87dcc8c..64844e9 100644
--- a/abc80.sdc
+++ b/abc80.sdc
@@ -17,6 +17,24 @@ set_clock_groups -asynchronous \
-group {clock_24[*] pll2|*} \
-group {clock_27[*]}
+set_multicycle_path -start -from [get_keepers {mmuram:mmu|*porta*}] -to [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[2]}] 7
+set_multicycle_path -start -from [get_keepers {mmuram:mmu|*porta*}] -to [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[1]}] 3
+set_multicycle_path -from [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[1] pll1|*|clk[2]}] -to [get_keepers {mmuram:mmu|*portb*}] 2
+set_multicycle_path -start -from [get_keepers {mmuram:mmu|*portb*}] -to [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[2]}] 6
+set_multicycle_path -start -from [get_keepers {mmuram:mmu|*portb*}] -to [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[1]}] 2
+set_multicycle_path -start -from [get_keepers {msel[*]}] -to [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[2]}] 6
+set_multicycle_path -start -from [get_keepers {msel[*]}] -to [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[1]}] 2
+set_multicycle_path -from [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[2]}] -to [get_keepers {sram_*_q*}] 2
+set_multicycle_path -start -from [get_keepers {sram_do*}] -to [get_clocks {pll1|*|clk[1] pll1|*|clk[2]}] 2
+# I/O pin constraints
+set_input_delay -clock {pll1|*|clk[0]} -min 0ns [get_ports {sram_dq[*]}]
+set_input_delay -clock {pll1|*|clk[0]} -max 3ns [get_ports {sram_dq[*]}]
+# These numbers are a bit tricky, they appear to be relative to the *next*
+# edge of the clock, so -max -1ns refer to a 6ns clock-to-pad delay.
+set_output_delay -clock {pll1|*|clk[0]} -min 0ns [get_ports {sram_*}]
+set_output_delay -clock {pll1|*|clk[0]} -max -1ns [get_ports {sram_*}]
# Automatically calculate clock uncertainty to jitter and other effects.
# Not supported for family Cyclone II