BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
de1bin2bac: use GOSUB as a much cleaner way to hijack BASICH. Peter Anvin2 years
masterAdd 6x10 font fileH. Peter Anvin12 years
npledneopixel: simplify the design by offsetting pulsesH. Peter Anvin4 years
originBuild instructionsH. Peter Anvin14 years
sramshareFix OUT 7 to the memory map: it was blocked by ~intio_selH. Peter Anvin4 years
tv80Document (eventual) switch to TV80H. Peter Anvin14 years
abc80-de1-18abc80-de1-18.tar.gz  abc80-de1-18.tar.xz  abc80-de1-18.zip  H. Peter Anvin10 years
abc80-de1-17abc80-de1-17.tar.gz  abc80-de1-17.tar.xz  abc80-de1-17.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
abc80-de1-16abc80-de1-16.tar.gz  abc80-de1-16.tar.xz  abc80-de1-16.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
abc80-de1-15abc80-de1-15.tar.gz  abc80-de1-15.tar.xz  abc80-de1-15.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
abc80-de1-14abc80-de1-14.tar.gz  abc80-de1-14.tar.xz  abc80-de1-14.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
abc80-de1-13abc80-de1-13.tar.gz  abc80-de1-13.tar.xz  abc80-de1-13.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
abc80-de1-12abc80-de1-12.tar.gz  abc80-de1-12.tar.xz  abc80-de1-12.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
abc80-de1-11abc80-de1-11.tar.gz  abc80-de1-11.tar.xz  abc80-de1-11.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
abc80-de1-10abc80-de1-10.tar.gz  abc80-de1-10.tar.xz  abc80-de1-10.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
abc80-de1-9abc80-de1-9.tar.gz  abc80-de1-9.tar.xz  abc80-de1-9.zip  H. Peter Anvin12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2003-10-16Comment changeabc80-3H. Peter Anvin1-1/+1
2003-10-16Use 7-seg LED to simulate the sound generatorH. Peter Anvin3-17/+47
2003-10-15*** empty log message ***H. Peter Anvin16-185/+130
2003-10-15Add full 80-column support; remove absolute paths to MIF filesH. Peter Anvin3-18/+39
2003-10-14Update for new releaseabc80-2H. Peter Anvin2-3/+54
2003-10-14Fix for string I/O instructionsH. Peter Anvin1-4/+4
2003-10-14Add CompactFlash controllerH. Peter Anvin4-140/+483
2003-10-14Add UFD-DOS/ABC80, modify MMU init to match proper memory map,H. Peter Anvin4-18/+422
2003-10-14mkfs/DOSGEN script for 64 MB "hard drive"H. Peter Anvin1-0/+54
2003-10-06CompactFlash hardware interfaceH. Peter Anvin2-6/+113