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* nstime: moved the nstime() code to floating point, so drop 2^64H. Peter Anvin3 days1-2/+2
* nstime: on Windows, need to convert to nanoseconds, not seconds...H. Peter Anvin3 days1-4/+5
* nstime: QueryPerformanceFrequency() is not the TSC speedH. Peter Anvin3 days1-4/+0
* nstime: set the baseline time on WindowsH. Peter Anvin3 days1-0/+2
* nstime: other implementations don't loopH. Peter Anvin3 days1-9/+4
* Do a proper comparison...H. Peter Anvin3 days1-3/+3
* nstime: more tweaking of the Windows time APIH. Peter Anvin3 days1-13/+40
* nstime: always use the native timer interface on WindowsH. Peter Anvin3 days1-31/+33
* Hopefully improve Windows compatibilty...H. Peter Anvin2019-04-041-26/+14
* Run Nindent for consistent C code styleH. Peter Anvin2018-11-141-53/+55
* nstime.c: Win32 implementation of mynssleep()H. Peter Anvin2018-10-031-3/+35
* Set sleep threshold to 2 ms or until the next eventH. Peter Anvin2018-10-031-8/+41
* clock: use absolute time for sleeping if availableH. Peter Anvin2018-10-031-6/+47
* nstime: cross-platform fine-grained timerH. Peter Anvin2018-09-171-0/+50