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* Add the ability to do a CRC32 on an arbitrary flash regionH. Peter Anvin2011-08-011-1/+29
* de1flash.tcl: flash commands are zero-extended on the data busH. Peter Anvin2011-06-071-6/+6
* de1flash.tcl: fix erase block list; unbreak default length for readH. Peter Anvin2011-06-071-3/+3
* de1flash.tcl: fix stray $ in lappendH. Peter Anvin2011-06-071-5/+8
* de1flash.tcl: implement the full intended feature setH. Peter Anvin2011-06-071-44/+129
* Fix the erase wait logicH. Peter Anvin2011-06-051-3/+4
* Comment out debugging statementH. Peter Anvin2011-06-051-1/+1
* Fix data items lost during readback operationsH. Peter Anvin2011-06-051-7/+15
* Utility to flash the NOR flash on an Altera DE1 board over JTAGH. Peter Anvin2011-06-041-0/+294