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* Allow arrow keys to work as on ABC80 (= backspace/tab)H. Peter Anvin2013-10-261-40/+53
* Convert to using autoconfH. Peter Anvin2013-10-251-1/+0
* Fix graphics modeH. Peter Anvin2013-10-241-5/+4
* Fix blink handling in 40 column modeH. Peter Anvin2012-08-121-2/+2
* Handle BASIC switching when changing 40/80 columnsH. Peter Anvin2012-08-121-1/+6
* Handle the I/O side of 80 character supportH. Peter Anvin2012-08-121-54/+94
* Code cleanups, tracing, disk handling, and SDL now supportedH. Peter Anvin2012-08-111-0/+357