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README: Updateabc80sim-2.1
Update the README to reflect the current status. Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <>
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+This version has been substantially modified by H. Peter Anvin
+<> from the original version. The original README is
+included but may not apply anymore.
+Version 2.1 includes support for undocumented Z80 instructions, and
+uses SDL for output. It supports ABC80 display in 40- or 80-character
+It also includes the PR:/PRA:/PRB: "special" printer device from the
+ABC80-in-an-FPGA project from instead of the magic
+UNX:/LIB: device. This allows abc80sim to be used as a development
+I would like to move both display and printing to Qt rather than SDL
+and lpr, but I have no idea when I will have time for that.
+Files to be accessed with PRA: (text) or PRB: (binary) should live in
+the "abcdir" subdirectory; the "abcdisk" subdirectory can contain disk
+images in UFD-DOS format.
+ ---------------------
This directory contains the source for an ABC80 emulator under X-windows. The
program is built around a Z80 emulator by David Gingold <>
and Alec Wolman <> who wrote it to use in an emulator for